#100Days - Day 7

Baby Steps

Making small steps today. Worked a little on the website, but quickly realizing I need to overhaul my portfolio to showcase what I want to photograph. I know what products I want to offer minus a couple of paper print options. Still trying to work that out, but so close to finalizing. Then it's create the price list and welcome guide, finish writing each page of the website, and then photograph some images. 

On the list of completed items, my business bank account was approved, and that was added to Square so I will be able to take payments via credit/debit cards as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay. Got an email a few monies ago saying that business cards were printed and ready to go, so those should be here in a week. 

Still left to complete:

Contracts (I had a due date on these of 07.15.18, but there's a few things I need to clarify and go over before finalizing.)

Finalize Product Offerings - 08.01.18

Price List - 08.15.18

Images for Website/Marketing/Samples - 08.15.18

Studio Samples Ordered/Website Complete - 08.31.18

Metro Park Photography Permit - 09.01.18 (This permit will allow us to photograph in any city park in the Nashville/Davidson Park System without having to pay a separate fee for every session. This will open up the whole city to us for those beautiful outdoor sessions without having to worry about being asked to leave.)

Marketing Collateral/Social Media Rollout for Fall Sessions - 09.01.18

20 Sessions Completed and on the Books - 10.18.18


Still a ways to go, but making progress, and any step forward is a step in the right direction.